Cruise Deals 2020

Take the first step towards making your dream cruise a reality with one of our great value Cruise Deals. With bookings for 2020 cruises now available, you’ll have plenty of time to get organised and excited about Cruise Nation’s incredible savings and exotic cruise destinations.

2020 is set to be a great year for cruise deals, with offers already available from some of the biggest names in the cruise industry and sailings onboard some of the world’s most exciting new cruise liners. From state-of-the-art ships to brand new itineraries and once-in-a-lifetime, round the world trips, no matter where you want to go in 2020, Cruise Nation can help you to get there for less.

With unbeatable low-cost cruise deals and amazing prices on complete cruise packages, you’ll discover that your perfect cruise holiday doesn’t need to break the bank. From all inclusive cruises to the white shores of the Caribbean, deals on iconic sailings across the Transatlantic route from Southampton to New York and discounted luxury cruises to the Far East, you are guaranteed to sail in style when you book with Cruise Nation.

Alongside our low-cost deals, we also offer incredible savings on cruise packages, with offers on cruises which include everything from flights to accommodation and drinks packages. Book in advance with us and relax in the knowledge that every little detail of your dream 2020 cruise holiday is being taken care of for you by our team of expert advisers.


Cruise Trends for 2020

With all the new developments and technology on board cruise ships, there truly has never been a more exciting time to go on a cruise. Let’s look at some exciting cruise trends for 2020.

An Introduction of AI Technology

As we embrace more AI technology in our day to day lives and homes, cruise ships are not far behind in ensuring that we can have the same experience on board.  Several cruise lines are already using facial recognition and allowing us to choose personal preferences via a bracelet, pendant or mobile phone. MSC Cruises has also debuted Zoe, an on-board Alexa-like personal assistant on their Bellissima ship in February 2019. We should continue to see growth in this sector as cruise ships want to continue to personalise our on-board experiences.

New Brand Partnerships

Over the past decade, cruise lines have partnered up with several famous restaurants like Nobu and celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver. This trend seems to be growing in 2020 and beyond, as great dining and cruising continue to go hand in hand. This also seems to be the case with entertainment, as cruise ships now bring us BBC Earth experiences, Cirque de Soleil performances and even a B.B. King’s Blues Club.


Expedition Cruising

The rise of expedition cruising is linked to guests wanting to have a more meaningful experience. Cruise lines are now offering more exciting and unique itineraries, with memorable experiences to help passengers gain insight into the destinations on offer. This allows them to create a treasure trove of memories as well as a large collection of Instagram-worthy moments.

Cruising for the Mind, Body and Soul

While spas and fitness centres aren’t new to cruise ships, more and more cruise lines are seeing the benefit of adding more activities and lectures to embrace the wellness trend. One such cruise line is the new Virgin Voyages line, with the President and CEO Tom McAlpin explaining ‘we are all so busy with life, work and family that vacations are critical for us to be able to rebuild our energy, so that we can live our best lives. With well-being at the heart of everything we do at Virgin Voyages, sailors will come back feeling rejuvenated, not like they need a holiday from their holiday.’

Going Green

As more people are choosing to go green to help save the environment, cruise lines have also been working hard to improve their green credentials. New cruise ships are greener than ever before to help the industry be more sustainable and have less impact on climate change. One of the biggest advances which will enable progress towards this goal is the development and adoption of liquified natural gas (LNG)-powered ships, which dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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