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Princess Cruises

Get ready for the royal treatment. With a fleet of 15 incredible ships, an immense range of over 330 destinations and personalised MedallionClass experiences, Princess Cruises create holidays that are truly fit for kings and queens. 

A Princess cruise is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones, all while you explore some of the most incredible places around the world, including California, the Caribbean, and Asia. With service that gives you that special feeling, Princess Cruises’ award-winning cruises do epicurean adventures, give you the chance to relax and let guests dive right into new cultures and activities. Cruise with confidence aboard a Princess ship and make your next holiday as effortless as it gets.

Making memories around the world since 1965, cruising with Princess is an immersive, enriching adventure – both at sea and onshore. From incredible specialty restaurants offering up premium dishes and Broadway-style productions, to sports and destination-themed activities, it’s the perfect opportunity to personalise your trip, whether you’re on a romantic getaway for two or the whole family is boarding. Sticking with the sun lounger or hopping off your ship to explore, soaking up the vibes of somewhere new has never been easier. 

And that’s just the beginning. There are all sorts of hidden treasures in store on a Princess cruise, so it’s a good thing we can get you onboard for way less than the rest. With the best deals and prices at sea – and we guarantee that – you’ll have plenty left over to spend when you set sail.

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The Grandest Getaways

Sailing to 330 destinations over 7 continents, now’s your chance to explore every inch of the globe with Princess. A 14-time winner of Recommend Magazine’s Best Cruise Itineraries, Princess love to let guests uncover more of the world both aboard their ship and ashore. And with some of the most breath-taking scenery and fascinating cultures on offer, the line brings that experience on board for you to continue your journey of discovery. 

Set sail to the Caribbean or the South Pacific and experience the true meaning of paradise, or wander through the historic New England states of the US. Or perhaps you’d rather discover new corners of Europe, like Scandinavia or Croatia? 

Whichever destination you choose, you’re in for the ultimate highlight reel, packed with adventures to some of the most iconic places in the world - all while only having to unpack once!

So, while Princess’ credentials pretty much speak for themselves, we’re here to give you a little extra convincing – so here’s a taste of where you could be making your next getaway to…

Dine Your Way

Fancy yourself as a bit of a foodie? Princess Cruises’ dining options make sure your tastebuds are well and truly treated – morning, evening and night.

That’s because they believe that every mealtime, dish and bite should tell a story. And believe us, these are some juicy tales to tell. From the places they originate and the way they’re prepared, to the skilled chefs getting busy in the kitchen, every single dish spins a yarn of taste, tradition and quality.

And better yet, Princess Cruises’ Dine My Way lets you call the shots. With this handy app, booking a table when you want and dining how you want is as easy as it gets. Plus with OceanNow, you can skip the queues and save your spot. Whether you’re feeling peckish by the pool or fancy another round, your order will be brought to you, so there’s no need to move. We could get used to that!

Rooms for Royalty

Waiting to be your home away from home, the five fab room types onboard suit budgets of all sizes. You’ll even be first in line to get on and off your ship, while a feast of exclusive dining options let you sample the finest food that Princess have to offer.

Each furnished with a private bathroom and shower, stocked-up refrigerator, a flat-screen TV and bathroom amenities, take your pick from the following Princess cruise accommodation options…

Try Something New

For diversions and distractions, there’s plenty to pull you away from lounging by the pool. And while there’s nothing wrong with spending your cruise soaking up the sun, there are plenty of exciting activities you won’t want to miss out on either!

Try out the traditions of other cultures thanks to Princess’ Festivals of the World, your chance to experience the things that make heritages around the globe so special. How about Oktoberfest onboard? Or a steel pan drum lesson courtesy of the Caribbean? Or maybe you’ll learn how to make Hawaiian leis? Expect horizons to expand wherever your destination is.

Elsewhere, culinary demonstrations and wine tastings will keep foodies satisfied (and maybe a little merry), while onboard casinos, art galleries and auctions let those who enjoy the finer things in life live a little more lavishly while at sea. There’s even a selection of high-end shops here too. Expect big names like Swarovski, Chanel, Estee Lauder and Calvin Klein – perfect for bringing home something for your loved ones – or if you just fancy a few extra treats!

Princess Packages

Wherever you’re heading, every Princess cruise comes with Princess dining, accommodation and entertainment, along with their MedallionClass experience – an app-powered device that opens up a world of expansive extras, as standard.

Want to take things up a level though? Princess Plus unlocks even more: a bigger choice of drinks, single device Wi-Fi, two free desserts, two fitness classes (to burn the treats off) and more! You can also take advantage of reserved theatre seating.

How about something a little more lavish? Princess Premier gets everything from the Plus package and then some. The most premium drinks, four device Wi-Fi, two nights of speciality dining, unlimited desserts, a photo package, unlimited fitness classes and smoothies or juices. Princess Prizes, meanwhile, gives you the chance to win everything from wine tasting and spending money all the way up to free cruises and $100,000 in cash.

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Ready to be entertained?

Night-time is when Princess Cruises really shines! As evening approaches, every corner of your ship buzzes with entertainment. From street performers in The Piazza to live jazz soundtracking sips on your favourite tipples, you’ll find on-deck film screenings, world-class magicians, rib-tickling comedians, live music and a whole lot more.

The Voice of the Ocean, meanwhile, brings the hugely popular TV show to the seas. That’s right, you’ll have the chance to wow the judges with your vocal talents, with mentors and coaches to help take you from off-key to on-point. Reckon you’ve got what it takes to take it to the final?

Princess’ crown jewel, though, has to be its incredible Broadway-level shows. From Fantastic Journey’s rock-concert experience complete with choreographed drones to Bravo’s blend of iconic opera classics (think “Time To Say Goodbye”) and chart-toppers from the likes of Adele, prepare to be wowed by an incredible array of shows, all in Princess’ state-of-the-art theatres.

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The Lotus Spa & Adult Sanctuary

On the days when you feel like doing nothing, there’s The Lotus Spa, a heavenly hideout where guests can soothe mind, body and spirit with a range of time-honoured treatments and state-of-the-art game changers that’ll give you an inside and out refresh like never before. Choose from a fantastic menu of treatments including ELEMIS facials, salt stone therapy, seaweed massage and even wrinkle treatments.  

For something a little extra and exclusively for grown ups, The Sanctuary is just that: a tucked-away refuge where Mum and Dad can stretch out on plush furniture, sip on refreshing cocktails and treat themselves to an open-air massage while Serenity Steward staff attend to their every wish. You can even up the lush levels by booking your private cabana too!

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A Cruise for the Whole Family

With something for everyone - from the grandparents to the grandkids - a Princess cruise is the best place for the whole family to enjoy together. With unique activities and programmes, as well as the added benefits of the MedallionClass service, you can enjoy a harmonious trip that’ll please everyone. And with the abundance of pools, sports, evening entertainment and more, there’s no better way to spend quality family time on holiday.

Princess Cruises FAQs

Which Southampton cruise terminal does Princess Cruises use?

If you’re travelling from Southampton, then your cruise ship will most likely depart from the Ocean Terminal. Top tip: no public transport will take you to the Ocean Cruise terminal. Local transport will take you to the city centre – hop in a taxi once you’re there and after a short journey, you’ll find yourself at the Ocean Terminal, ready to depart.

Do Princess Cruises provide shuttle buses?

Once you’re docked in your port, Princess Cruises will provide you with a shuttle bus to take you from the dock if it’s required.

Paying for these shuttles tends to depend on the location of the dock. Generally, they’ll be free if the port is in a fairly restricted area that you can’t depart on foot. However, if the shuttle has to take you from the port to a nearby city or town, then you should expect to pay a fee – the amount generally depends on the distance you’ll be travelling on these trips.

How many formal nights on Princess Cruises are there?

The number of formal nights depends on the length of your cruise, pack your best clobber and dress to impress according to the following:

·      1-4 days: no formal evenings

·      5-6 days: 1 formal evening

·      7-13 days: 2 formal evenings

·      14-20 days: 3 formal evenings

·      21-28 days: 4 formal evenings

·      29+ days: 5+ formal evenings

How much are drinks on Princess Cruises’ ships?

Princess Cruises have four drinks packages available on their ships, as follows:

-       Plus Beverage Package


Available on drinks up to $15 each, the Plus Beverage Package costs $64.99 per day and includes:

-       Cocktails, wine by the glass, beer, specialty coffees, fountain sodas, bottled water, fresh juices, smoothies, mocktails and crafted cocktails by Mixologist Rob Floyd

-       50 spirits, 25 wines by the glass & 25 beers

-       25% discount on wine bottles (including rare vintages)

-       25% discount on large bottles of water and cans of soda

-       Premier Beverage Package


Available on top-shelf premium beverages up to $20 each, The Premier Beverage Package costs $84.99 per day and includes all that the Plus Beverage Package offers, along with:

-       Top shelf spirits, reserve wines by the glass and new high-end crafted cocktails by Mixologist Rob Floyd

-       Selection of 75+ spirits, 40+ wines by the glass, 20+ high-end, crafted cocktails

-       Premier wines by the glass including Duckhorn, Stag's Leap, Grgich Hills and Cattier Champagne

-       Private Woodford Reserve Bourbon Selection, created exclusively for Princess Cruises

-       Personalised Jack Daniel's Whiskey Single Barrel Select

-       25% discount on wine bottles (including rare vintages)

-       25% discount on large bottles of water and cans of soda

-       Zero Alcohol Package


Available for $39.99 per person, per day, the Zero Alcohol Package includes:

-       Premium and specialty coffees and teas

-       Sodas, juices, and smoothies

-       Hot chocolate

-       Mocktails

-       Bottled water (including Evian and San Pellegrino)

-       Red Bull

-       Classic Soda Package


Available for $12.99 per person, per day, the Classic Soda Package includes all sodas, fruit juices, mocktails and smoothies.

Are Princess Cruises all-inclusive?

While Princess Cruises aren’t truly all-inclusive, in 2022 the line introduced the Princess Premier package. Touted as their most inclusive package, for just £65 per day per guest, you’ll get:

-       Princess’ dining, accommodation, and entertainment

-       MedallionClass® experience

-       Premier Beverage Package

-       Unlimited Wi-Fi (up to 4 devices per guest)

-       Crew appreciation – a pre-paid extra recognising the hard work the Princess Cruises crew do at sea

-       2 specialty dining meals per guest

-       Photo package (unlimited digital + 3 prints)

-       Princess Prizes – a chance to win huge prizes, from wine tasting to free cruises

-       Unlimited Premium desserts

-       Unlimited Fitness classes

-       Unlimited juice bar

-       Reserved theatre seating

Can you take soft drinks on Princess Cruises?

Yes. The line allows guests to bring a maximum of 12 sealed, unopened cans/cartons of 12 ounces each or less. Drinks in bottles, as well as open beverages in plastic containers, are not allowed to be brought onboard.

Do Princess Cruises include flights?

Yes, Cruise Nation’s range of Princess Cruise holidays includes flights on select itineraries, as well as no-fly options too.

Do you have to tip on Princess Cruises?

You don’t have to tip during your time with Princess Cruises, but gratuities are automatically charged to your onboard account. They can also be prepaid online up to two days before the beginning of your cruise.

You also have the option to adjust the value of gratuities at any time during your cruise, however, unless it’s due to an issue with your service, this is generally considered poor cruising etiquette.

What is Princess Plus on Princess Cruises?

Princess Plus is the second tier of the line’s three fares, after its Princess Standard tier and before its third tier, Princess Premier, that we mentioned before.


For £50 per day per guest, you’ll get:

-       Princess dining, accommodation, and entertainment

-       MedallionClass® experience

-       Plus Beverage Package (drinks up to $15 each)

-       Wi-Fi (1 device per guest)

-       Crew Appreciation

-       Premium desserts (2 per day)

-       Fitness classes (2 per cruise)

-       Unlimited juice bar

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