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Picture this: a cruise line that’s adults only. Ships where the food, tips, shows and fitness seshes are all included. Cabins that feel more like something from a super yacht. And over 100 dazzling destinations just begging you to visit them.

Virgin Voyages do all that and more. The good stuff just keeps on going. Menus designed by a crème de la crème collective of Michelin-starred chefs. Onboard credit just for bringing your pals along. Entertainment that’s less Broadway production and more festival revel.

And thanks to our price guarantee, we’ll get you experiencing everything that Virgin Voyages has to show off for less than anywhere else. All this, plus our Smart Packages, which offer exclusive perks like free flights and hotel stays alongside your Virgin Voyages cruise.

Let’s see what else is waiting for you…

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Whatever you want from your holiday, Virgin Voyages’ destinations mean there’s an adventure to excite the travel bug inside you. Cities and sunsets, quiet mornings and wild nights, these splendid stop-offs take in a whole lot of excitement. Plus, with a late stay and an overnight on each itinerary, getting every last drop of joy out of your new home is easy.

You can’t go wrong cruising the Greek islands. Where you might be hustling and bustling on one island, you could be exploring its quiet side the next. A country for all cruisers, try out your party side on Mykonos or allow Athens’ vibrant hues and storied culture to colour your trip. And keep an eye out for Argostoli, an island that could well have the most perfect beaches in all of Greece.

Need more of the Mediterranean in your life? Virgin can see to that too, taking you on a trip around the region’s most romantic, postcard-ready locations. Think Barcelona’s storied history and urban beaches. Lisbon’s hill-filled expanse and enticing wine tastings. Monte Carlo’s unbeatable movie star glamour. The Mediterranean is as diverse as it gets – now’s your chance to see every side of it.

On the other side of the pond, experience Virgin Voyages Miami-style. Here, you’ll get to see the stuff Disneyland doesn’t show you: art deco hotels, a thriving art scene, and rooftop bars playing host to steamy, dance-filled nights that really sizzle.


When your cruise line teams up with a Michelin-starred collective of chefs for its food, you know you’re set to be served some real-deal dishes. Consider the below your very own tasting menu to scroll through – and btw, it’s all included.

Variety is the spice of life across the 20+ Virgin Voyages’ restaurants, so there really is something for everyone here. At The Wake, Virgin Voyages bring you the best in surf ‘n turf, a steakhouse that’s all 60s vibes and liquid lunches – except with unreal steaks accompanying the cocktails.

Speaking of drinks, Pink Agave takes guests on a Mexican fiesta, combining the country’s best cuisine with curated selections of Mezcal, a smoky spirit that’s guaranteed to keep spice levels high. Throw in some fascinating history with each dish, and this educational eatery is truly a place to savour.

Want to take it al fresco? On The Dock, Virgin Voyages makes outdoor eating a breeze, thanks to a range of easy-going mezze bites you can truly take your time with. Where’s the rush? That sun isn’t going anywhere.

Take me to bed

Whether you’re letting the world pass you by or getting ready for that big night, Virgin Voyages’ cabins and suites are decked out with everything you need – whatever budget you’re working with. Made for dreamers and snoozers, here’s what’s waiting to welcome you…

RockStar Quarters

In the RockStar Quarters, anything goes (well, almost anything). Exclusive and luxurious, you’ll unlock priority access to the line’s restaurants, events, and experiences, both on and off board.

You’ll even have access-all-areas entry to Richard’s Rooftop, a members-only sundeck built for late-night parties, along with a team of RockStar Agents on-hand to keep your time onboard turned up to 11, all the time

Mega RockStar Quarters

Decadent, loud and unashamedly over-the-top, Virgin’s Mega RockStar Quarters are everything a rockstar should be. You’ll get all the perks of the previous quarters, alongside daily spa access, a daily bar tab, premium WiFi in the Caribbean, and a bottomless in-room bar that’s like your own personal rockstar rider.

License To Thrill

You won’t find Broadway productions here, but you’ll still bear witness to a festival-load of fun on board your ship. Created by a who’s who of directors, choreographers and artists, the line’s selection of cruise firsts give guests an exclusive, exciting glimpse into the future of at-sea entertainment.

Playing up to the musical side of Virgin Voyages, The Manor is your main venue, a ground-breaking go-to that hosts everything from the Miss Behave Game Show (we won’t spoil the surprise) to festival-style performances from comedians, magicians, and musicians.

The Red Room, meanwhile, puts on a show and a half, lining up an array of all-new productions like Never Sleep Alone, a seriously adults-only tale that’s part interactive sex advice column, part late-night cabaret. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Getting jealous of all those performers hogging the spotlight? It’s your time to shine at The Groupie, a private karaoke spot that’ll have all eyes on you. Time to warm that voice up. Even if you aren’t a born performer there’s something to stay busy with. Voyage Vinyl serves up the best slabs of wax money can buy, while The Social Club and The Arcade let you indulge your inner child with all sorts of old-school board and video games.



Everyone’s idea of relaxation is different, so whether you are a do-nothing person, or do something person, your Virgin Voyage will always offer something to float your boat. From yoga at sunrise to boxing in the openair, meditation to HIIT workouts, and even specifically curated hikes to work up your sweat in the ports of call, the Virgin Voyage approach to working out is the workout that works for you.

Get that OMMM feeling everyday while you relax as the sound of the ocean soothes your daily stresses away, or take it up a gear or two with a visit to the Redemption spa, from a Balinese hot stone massage to a seaweed body wrap, this is your time to chill or get dirty in the mudroom and let the sauna cleanse you pore deep, you will feel fabulous for it!

Virgin Promotions

This March, we're sparking a different kind of romance. Fall in love with every moment on a journey of self-discovery, deep exploration, and extraordinary experiences with 80% off your 2nd Sailor and a Free upgrade to a Sea Terrace cabin when booking a Sea View Cabin

UP TO 80% OFF THE 2ND SAILOR (2024 and 2025 sailings)
  • Up to 80% off 2nd Sailor on Mediterranean voyages and Repositioning Voyages

  • Up to 70% off 2nd Sailor on Caribbean voyages

  • Booking Window: 28th March - 30th May 2024

Terms & Conditions Apply
Need To Know: Eligible Voyage: ALL open sailings in 2024 and 2025 . Offer applies to all Sea Terrace Meta category cabins and below (including Lock-it-in cabins) - i.e. XL Sea Terrace cabins and below. Travel Dates: 2024 & 2025. Eligible Regions: All regions. Eligible Ships: All Ships. See more with a free sea terrace upgrade on us! Across a range of Med sailings in 2024 and 2025, simply book the 'Sea View' and we'll do the rest! Booking Winodw: 28th March - 30th May 2024. Eligible Voyages: Resilient Lady: 9th May 2024 - 28th July 2024 (inclusive), Scarlet Lady: 5th May 2024 - 3rd Nov 2024 (inclusive), Resilient Lady: 4th May 2025 - 12th Oct 2025 (inclusive), Scarlet Lady: 18th May 2025 - 6th July 2025 (inclusive).

Cruise Line FAQs - Virgin Voyages

Can you smoke on Virgin Voyages?

There are plenty of smoking areas provided around Virgin Voyages' ships. However, guests found smoking or vaping in their room, on their balcony, or in any other non-designated area onboard will have $500 added to their onboard account and may be forced to leave the ship entirely.

How many ships does Virgin Voyages have?

Virgin Voyages' fleet consists of four ships.

What are Essential Drinks on Virgin Voyages?

Essential Drinks are what Virgin calls its non alcoholic drinks, including still/sparkling water, non-pressed juices, sodas, teas and coffees. 

Are all Virgin Voyages ships the same?

Generally, Virgin Voyages' ships don't differ too much, other than their names and where they travel to. Onboard, you're likely to find the same amenities, entertainment options and ship size whichever on you sail on.

Do Virgin Voyages ships have casinos?

Yep! All of Virgin Voyages' ships have casinos onboard.

When did Virgin Voyages launch?

The line was founded December 4, 2014.

Where do Virgin Voyages depart from?

Virgin Voyages depart from ports across the globe, including the likes of Portsmouth, Miami, Lisbon, Dubai and San Juan.

Are kids allowed on Virgin Voyages?

Virgin Voyages is an adults only line, so sorry, no kids allowed!

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