Cruises from Southampton

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Cruises from Southampton

Convenient? Tick! Simple? Tick! Stress-free? Tick!

That’s right, cruising from Southampton ticks all the boxes. No airport queues or departure lounges to contend with. No waiting around for your holiday to start. Just you and your nearest dearest, ready to embark on the trip of a lifetime.

Sound good? With our wide range of direct sailings from Southampton, we love giving our customers the most hassle-free way to explore the world – and all at brilliantly low prices.

Our cruise deals from Southampton include mini cruises, maxi cruises and our incredible smart packages – all designed to cater to your cruise style, whatever you’re after.

So whether you have three days or three weeks to spare, setting sail from Southampton is sea travel done right. Ready to come aboard, sailor?

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Why Choose a Cruise from Southampton?

Sure, cruising from Southampton is easy and stress-free. But convenience isn’t the only perk of making this your departure port of choice…

Amazing facilities, tons of parking and the presence of some of the world’s biggest and best cruise lines – small wonder millions of cruise-goers choose to embark from Southampton every year.

When you think about it, cruising from Southampton makes total sense. After all, its location means it’s a hop, skip, jump from some of Europe’s most coveted cruise destinations, not to mention a straight shot to the paradise isles of the Caribbean

And with the likes of MSC, Princess Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, P&O, Royal Caribbean, and Cunard calling in on England’s south coast, cruising from Southampton means holidays aboard some of the best ships at sea.

Above anything else, though, sailing from Southampton promises an easy-breezy start to your holiday. An hour or so after leaving your front door, you can be settling into your suite and exploring the ship, sipping on something delish while you steam out of port.

What better way to get your hol off to the perfect start?

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Make the Smart Choice – Cruise from Southampton

No queues, no baggage allowance, no stress. Cruising from Southampton is a smart choice whichever way you look at it – and even more so when you book with Cruise Nation.

You heard right. If you want the best deals on cruise holidays departing from Southampton, you’ve found them. We’re the cheapest name in cruising and aren’t afraid to say it.

If you don’t want to fly on your holiday, you shouldn’t have to. Our holidays departing Southampton don’t compromise on choice. The world’s still your oyster and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Canaries, the Baltics, the Mediterranean and the Americas – they’re all here. That means you can whale watch in Alaska, sink your toes in the white sands of the Caribbean, and marvel at southern Europe’s fabled culture, all without ever setting foot in an airport.

From your front door to far flung, the world’s waiting.

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Which Cruise Lines go from Southampton?

Southampton brings all the boys to the (ship)yard. Royal Caribbean, Princess, Cunard – they’re queuing up to whisk you away.

So, who do you choose?

We reckon your first port of call ought to be MSC Cruises. The line’s latest luxury ships are scheduled to set sail from Southampton, and we can get you onboard for the best price, guaranteed.

Elsewhere, Princess Cruises provide from-Southampton sailings from the Baltics to the Balearics and everywhere in between, while Royal Caribbean’s fun-loving fleet is also a great option for with kids in tow.

Whoever you choose, Cruise Nation’s from-Southampton cruise deals are always the right choice.

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Cruise Types from Southampton

Three days or 30 – however long you have to spend at sea, Southampton is a gateway to your dream getaway.

A mini cruise here, a fortnight sojourn there. Whatever’s on your hol wish list, we’ve got the from-Southampton itinerary to match.

Our mini cruises from Southampton are the ideal quick fix, letting you get away from it all on a whim. Or if it’s a hassle-free, all-in trip you’re after, an all-inclusive cruise departing Southampton will let you kick back without a worry.

Schedule looking light? Then why not pencil in a world cruise. Park your car at Southampton and before you know it you’ll be half a world away, experiencing sights and cultures you’d scarcely see from 30,000 feet in the air.

From Southampton to the seas, adventure is yours for the taking with Cruise Nation.

Where Can Our Southampton Cruise Deals Take You?

Where do you fancy? Spain? South America? Scandinavia? Decisions, decisions, and all from Southampton.

Whatever type of holiday you’re after, find inspiration with six of our customers’ favourite destinations – all sailing directly from Southampton.

The Mediterranean

If you dream of Spanish sunsets, Italian cuisine and ancient Greek myths, a cruise from Southampton to the Med should be right up your street.

Take in the azure waters and white-sand beaches of the Greek Islands, the historical cities and towns of Croatia, and the enduring romance of Venice. Or make for the eastern Med – where Rome’s eternal charm, Nice’s designer shopping and the glamour of Monaco await.

North America

Few cruises compete with the iconic Transatlantic crossing, with voyages taking passengers directly from Southampton to New York and beyond.

Experience the luxury and old-world glamour of the Atlantic crossing onboard the world’s most iconic cruise liners. From the bright lights of the Big Apple to Florida Keys and the Caribbean, this is trip-of-a-lifetime stuff, and all direct from Southampton with Cruise Nation.

The Caribbean

The words ‘Caribbean’ and ‘cruise’ belong together. Add ‘direct from Southampton’ to the mix, and the phrase ‘now you’re talking’ is the appropriate response.

That’s right, you can cruise from Blighty to the West Indies straight from Southampton, meaning no uncomfortable long-haul flights before your holiday can begin. Just a few fun-filled or laidback days spent onboard before paradise appears on the horizon.

And when we say paradise, we mean it. Jamaica, Antigua, Dominica, St Kitts – they’re all here and all yours to enjoy direct from Southampton.

The Canary Islands

For year-round sunshine, there’s no place better than the Canaries. Add to that Spanish charm, stunning beaches and direct routes from Southampton, and your next holiday is shaping up nicely.

Whether you favour the busy Port of Santa Cruz in Tenerife, Lanzarote’s volcanic terrains – complete with its famous black-sand beaches – or the rolling sand dunes of Fuerteventura, The Canary Island’s seven unique islands welcome all.

Northern Europe

You don’t have to sail far from Southampton to experience some of the planet’s most awe-inspiring scenery. Many of our most popular mini cruise deals from Southampton sail to Northern Europe, including trips to the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Listed Norwegian Fjords.

These short breaks from the UK take passengers through the glacial landscapes of Norway, the cosmopolitan cities of Amsterdam and Copenhagen, and the likes of Latvia and Estonia’s Baltic beauty. For a holiday that starts the moment you step onboard, there’s no place better.

The Channel Islands 

Small they may be, but when it comes to culture and charm, the Channel Islands pack a punch. And thanks to their position between England and France, there’s nowhere better to depart for the Channel Islands than Southampton.

The old town of St Peter Port, on the pretty Channel Island of Guernsey, is a frequent stop for Southampton sailors, combining old-world elements of British life with French culture and fine food that’s all its own.

Explore this historic town and discover some of the best coastal walks in the British Isles. Along with beautiful gardens and white beaches, Guernsey’s French-esque climate lets you escape for a weekend of sunshine without having to go far.

Southampton Cruise Port Facilities & Locations

Southampton isn’t just a convenient port for British sea-trippers but a renowned international cruise hub in its own right. That means you can expect a smooth, stress-free start to your holiday from the moment you park the car.

Have a few questions about how to get to Southampton and the facilities available? We’ll answer them below…

Where do cruise ships dock in Southampton port?

The port of Southampton has five cruise terminals: City Cruise, Mayflower, Ocean, Horizon and QEII. Your cruise will dock and depart from one of these five terminals.

How to get to Southampton cruise terminals ahead of your cruise?

You have a few different options when it comes to getting to Southampton’s port.

Often your cruise line will charter a coach, taking you from your local pick-up point to the cruise terminal. We can help with the details if you’re not sure.

Alternatively, you can hop on a National Express, which will take you to Southampton’s central coach station. From here, you can take a short taxi ride to your terminal. On foot, it’s usually a 10–15-minute walk to the terminal.

If you’re going by train, then the nearest station is Southampton Central. There are plenty of taxis nearby, and it’s only a five-minute ride to your terminal from the station.

Can you park at Southampton cruise terminal?

If you’re travelling by car, then you can park at the port by booking ahead with one of the city’s cruise car parking provider. Each cruise line uses a different terminal and car park, so be sure you’re booking for the correct ship and the dates you’re travelling on.

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Cruises from other UK Ports

Southampton too much of a trek? Don’t head to the airport just yet. There are plenty of other UK ports that you can travel from to destinations far, wide and far-flung.

For those in the North, our cruises from Liverpool and cruises from Newcastle make reaching your dream destination simple and stress-free, while our cruises from Dover are perfect for South-East based travellers.

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