Cruises to Aarhus


Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark and early Archaeological findings date Aarhus's founding in 770. The city is known for its extensive cultural scene, where you can find some of the best museums in Denmark.


Den Gamle By Museum

This is a national open air museum, features original historic structures that have been collected from around Denmark. The buildings were brought to the museum brick by brick and erected again in their original form.

Aarhus Cathedral

Aarhus Domkirke is the longest in Denmark, its 93 metres long and its also the tallest church in Denmark with 96 metres.

Fyrkat Viking Fortress

Built by Viking King Harold, this perfectly circular earthen fortresses walls and roads are still visible but no remains of the houses constructions, stones mark the original situation of the walls.

Lake District

This pristine area is occupied by a large number of beautiful lakes and serene woodlands, the Sky hills near Ry also offer formidable views across the whole of the region.


This old market town features charming cobblestone streets, lined with half timbered houses embellished by hollyhock roses. Visitors flock to the harbour to see the large battleship Jutland frigate.

The Church of Our Lady

The church of Our Lady is one of the largest churches in Aarhus, in the 1050's a crypt church was discovered which dates back to approximately 1060 AD.

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