Cruises to Bodrum


Bodrum is a fascinating place and it's one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. The clear waters of the Aegean Sea are a prime spot for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. Sample some of the local Turkish cuisine in the large number of restaurants and humble cafes.


Bodrum Windmills

Dating back to the 18th century the Windmills of the Bodrum Peninsula is one of the greatest sights overlooking the Bodrum and Gumbet Bay and the Aegean.

The Bodrum Amphitheatre

This open air theatre situated on the hillside overlooking Bodrum, still serves the people of the city to this day. It's a great location for taking photos, with views over the harbour and Bodrum Castle.

The Castle of St. Peter the Liberator

The Castle of St. Peter the Liberator is the beautiful symbol of Bodrum. Today it houses one of the best, most extensive and interesting underwater archaeology museums in the world.

The Tomb of King Mausolos

Built between 350 and 353 BC at Halicarnassus The Tomb of King Mausolos was one of the most amazing structures of the ancient world before being destroyed by successive earthquakes.

Myndos Gate

This impressive gate was part of the defensive ramparts that encircled the ancient city of Halicarnassus, it was the scene for one of the greatest bloodiest battles against Alexander the Great in the early 300s BC.

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