Cruises to Cagliari


Cagliari is situated in the south of Sardinia, its spread over and around the hill of the historic district of Castello. The cities rich history of fascinating monuments consisting of roman ruins, museums, churches and galleries are everywhere you wander through this lively city.


Il Castello

Once home to the city's aristocracy, this hill top citadel is Cagliari's most iconic image rising above the sturdy ramparts built by the Pisans and Aragonese.

Cattedrale di Santa Maria

Built in the 13th century, Caglairi's graceful cathedral stands proud on Piazza Palazzo. The crypt has many Savoy tombs which are conserved, an impressive sight with its mass of sculptural decoration and carvings.

Poetto Beach

The longest stretch of beach in Italy is considered one of the most beautiful Sardinian beaches. Its lined with funfairs, restaurants, bars and discos, and has a picturesque Marina and yacht club.

Museo Archeologico Nazionale

Sardinia's premier archaeological museum displays large collections of prehistoric bronze statuettes from the Nuragic age. The museum houses also houses a valuable collection of wax models made in Florence by sculptor Clemente Susini.

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