Cruises to Curacao


Curacao is the largest island of the Dutch Caribbean islands, featuring building styles you'd find in the Netherlands, but painted in bright pastel shades. A divers paradise the island's insular shelf has a sharp drop off known as the “Blue Edge.


National Park

The largest national park of Curacao, the park has a diverse flora and fauna. The Christoffelpark is a must see for everyone.

Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge

Nicknamed the "Swinging Old Lady" this pontoon bridge swings open to allow oceangoing vessels to access the port.

Hato Caves

A popular tourist attraction and once a hiding place for escaped slaves, these historic caves are formed in coral limestone.


The capital city of Curacao, Willemstad boasts a rich and diverse history and culture with its unique architecture in the city centre and harbour entry is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Fort George

Delve into the tranquil Caribbean waters of Baya beach where there is a sunken tugboat, great for snorkelling due to its sharp drop off.

Fort Amsterdam

Built in 1634 Fort Amsterdam is the most important of the island's eight forts, now home to the Governor's Palace. Make sure you find the cannonball which has been embedding in the southwest wall.

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