Cruises to Grand Turk


A small island bursting with Caribbean charm, retaining the look and feel of the Caribbean from years gone by, blessed with miles of beautiful beaches Grand Turk is also world famous for its beautiful coral reefs that surround the islands.


Grand Turk Lighthouse

Designed by Alexander Gordon a British architect to alert sailors of Grand Turk's shallow reef, today is protected by the National Trust.

Governor's Beach

Situated in the Columbus Landfall National Park, Governor's beach is ideal for swimming, snorkelling or simply sunbathing.

Grand Quay Salt Company

Visit the Salt House Museum which was built in 2007 to provide visitors with an understanding of the island's salt and salve trade heritage.

Gibb's Cay

With a luxurious white sand beach and beautiful coral reef Gibb's Cay is an ideal location for snorkelling and getting up close and personal with the affectionate stingrays.

Cockburn Town

Cockburn has been the capital of the country since 1766, many of the older buildings reflect the 18th and 19th century Bermudian heritage and architecture

Turks & Caicos National Museum

The museum located in one of the oldest stone buildings on the island allows you to explore the islands culture and history and features artefacts from the Molasses Reef wreck.

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