Cruises to Hammamet


The most popular tourist place in Tunisia, Hammamet used to be a small fishing town. Known as the "Garden resort" oranges, lemons, as well as olive groves are grown in its luxurious gardens. Another big part of the resort is the beach, 10km of white sand that covers the entire coast.


Sebastian's house

A must see, the former house and gardens of Hammamet's most famous residents George Sebastian. Built in the 1920's the house welcomed the most talented creators and personalities including Sir Winston Churchill.

Cap Bon Peninsula

Often referred to as the 'Garden of Tunisia' because of its flourishing palms, eucalyptus trees and abundant sweet smelling flora Cap Bon peninsula is certainly worth a visit.

Old Town

Walk through the narrow streets, where you can see wonderful fittings on the doors such as pictures of fish and the hands of Fatima which are supposed to bring luck. In the centre lies a Kasbah and a Grand Mosque.

Sahara Desert Tour

No trip to Tunisia would be complete without a trip to the Sahara desert to see the famous locations where the Star Wars blockbusters were made.

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