Cruises to Hilo


Hilo is a region of the Hawaiian island blessed with dramatic waterfalls, lush tropical rainforests, blooming gardens, volcanic mountains and black sand beaches.


Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Home of the Kilauea volcano, one of the world's most active volcanoes, don't miss your chance to visit the most popular attraction in Hawaii.

Waipi'o Valley

The sacred Waipio Valley was the home of Hawaiian kings, this lush fertile valley is also a place of dramatic tropical beauty.

Akaka Falls State Park

The beautiful Akaka Falls is Hawaii's most famous waterfall, located at Akaka Falls State Park. The picturesque falls plummets 442 feet into a gorge below.

Tropical Botanical Gardens

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden is a museum of more than 2,000 plant species protected from the trade winds and blessed with rich fertile volcanic soil.

Mauna Kea

Rising to 14,000 feet Mauna Kea is the "world's tallest mountain." View the stars from the world's largest astronomical observatory located at 9,000 feet.

Lava Tree State Park

Take a trail amongst a surreal landscape to view the unusual lava moulds of tree trunks that were left behind from lava flows that swept through the area.

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