Cruises to Olden


Olden is a pleasant little village surrounded by high mountains and located at the end of the Nordfjord. It is the main cruise destination with an interesting range of attractions and excursions.


Kjenndalen Glacier

The Kienndalen Glacier lies at the end of Lodal valley, in Jostedalsbreen National Park, but is unique in that it has an intense blue-green colour.

Briksdal Glacier

A hiker's favourite, Briksdalsbreen is the best know arm of the Jostedalsbreen and flows over 3,937 feet down the dramatic mountainside.


A small picturesque village in Stryn is home to some of the oldest farms in Norway and the historic Loen Church is also located in the village.


The Nordfjord is located in the destination of Stryn and Nordfjord, and is the sixth longest fjord in Norway.

Lake Lovatn

Lake Lovatn's turquoise waters, which have been coloured by clay particles and rock dust carved out by the glaciers make this beautiful, untamed nature an experience not to be missed.

Jostedalsbreen National Park

The largest glacier in mainland Europe, famous for it's vast ice sheets. The National Park's Visitor Centre features many exhibits and displays of the glaciers.

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