Cruises to Point a Pitre


Point A Pitre is the largest city of Guadeloupe, the overseas region of France. Point A Pitre is an old town with colonial architecture and palm-fringed streets. The city is surrounded by wildlife and shaded by palm trees. There are lots of narrow streets to explore with masses of shops to explore. Point A Pitre is a very relaxing city with lot of excursions to do.


Genadendal Mission Station

This is the oldest mission station in South Africa and for a brief time, was the largest settlement in the colony. The village's fascinating history is documented in the Mission Museum in the heart of the station.

CatheĢdrale de St-Pierre et St Paul

This cathedral was made entirelly by iron which is intended to brace the cathedrl against earthquakes and hurricanes. The cathedral holds services on Sundays but throughout the week, tourists are able to have a tour around the historic building.

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