Cruises to Port of Spain


Port of Spain is the capital of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and is situated on the northwest coast of Tobago. This city serves primarily as a retail centre has one of the largest shopping district areas in the Caribbean. The ruler straight downtown streets have plenty of atmospheres, with their market stall and shady squares. Trinidad and Tobago is a beautiful it and contains a mass of history which you can learn about throughout your stay.


Anglican Trinity Cathedral

This Gothic style cathedral was built in 1818 is the same building that stand to this day. The cathedral has the exact same beam structure and can be viewed on tours in the week.

Fort King George

This military fort was built by the British in 1777 and was later restored. The fort offers magnificent views which allows you to gaze over Scarborough Bay. The office part of the fort has now been changed into a museum which gives historic information about the city.

Waterloo Temple

This tranquil is a Hindu temple that sits on the end of a causeway. Construction on the temple started in 1947 on a plot of land in the heart od the city. His plans were later dismissed and he started to build on the causeway. He dies in 1970 and the temple was still incomplete but local residents helped to finished the building in his honour.

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