Cruises to Portofino


Portofino is a little village that's situated in Italy with picturesque views of the city and its harbour. It is located on the Italian Riviera and the town itself is clustered around a small harbour. Portofino is a picturesque village with pastel coloured buildings lining the shore and surrounded by cafeĢs, restaurants and little boutiques. The boats stored at the harbour are all lined up in a formation, and the waters are crystalline green and reveal and display aquatic life.


Castello Brown

Castello Brown is a house museum above the harbour. The building was built back in 1557 and was enlarged in 1624 and the original structure still stands today. The museum have masses of history all about the building itself and the city of Portofino.

Abbazia della Cervara

Abbazia della Cervara was built back in 1361 and is surrounded by large gardens. In 1525 during the Battle of Pavia, people were imprisoned in this tower until the battle ended in 1526.

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