Cruises to Santo Domingo


Santo Domingo is the capital and largest city in the Dominican Republic and the largest city in the Caribbean by population. At the centre of the city you will find the oldest church and oldest fortress among other New World firsts. It’s an urban city with colonial architecture and vibrant nightlife. The city carries a laid back and casual spirit with elegant restaurants and antique markets in the city centre.


Fortaleza Ozama

This is the oldest military buildings that can be found in the city. The construction for this fort began in 1502 and over the years has served as a military garrisona and prison. The tours that take place around this building are roughly 20 minutes long and cover everything from the original uses and the history behind the fort.

Monasterio de San Francisco

This is the first monastery that was built in the city and dates all the way back to 1508. Now, the monastery is a set of ruins that is occasionally used for stage concerts and artistic performances.

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