Cruises to St. Thomas


St. Thomas is a water lover's paradise, offering every imaginable water sport and white sand beaches with palms that sway in the breeze. The harbour is easily one of the Caribbean's most scenic.


Magens Bay

Visit one of the world's best beaches, the beautiful one mile stretch is a public park and was donated to the people of the Virgin Islands by Arthur Fairchild.

Coral World Ocean Park

Spend the day at Coral World Ocean Park getting up close and personal with sea creatures and take the opportunity to pet a shark or hand feed a stingray.

Central Park

Spanning 843 acres Central Park is located in Manhattan. Among ist attractions are the Central Park Zoo, a pool and an ice skating rink.

St. Peter Great House

This Great House nestled in the volcanic peaks of St. Thomas boasts a lush Botanical Garden and nature trail, streaming waterfalls, wildlife and 150 species of Caribbean plants and fruits.

Butterfly Garden

Visit the lush tropical botanical garden where knowledgeable guides will teach you all they know about these fascinating creatures.

Blackbeard's Castle

Blackbeard's castle can be reached by walking up the "99 Steps" with pirate hideouts, historic manor houses, botanical gardens, waterfalls and much more this is one of the Caribbean's premier attractions.

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