Cruises to Valencia


Valencia is a charming old city on the Mediterranean Sea. Known as being the birthplace of the traditional Spanish dish paella, and famous for it's Fallas Festival which is held in March.



Designed by Felix Candela The Oceanografic is the largest aquarium in Europe containing representatives of the world's main marine ecosystem.

Pago de Tharsys Winery

Situated high in the plateau of Requena this winery boasts 12 hectares of vineyard and produces Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Temprarillo and Albarino wines.

Requena Town

Requena has been declared Property of Cultural Interests, the town was formerly a Moorish fortress.

Albufera Natural Park

Albufera is the largest freshwater lagoon in Spain, is one of the most important nature areas in the Land of Valencia.

El Saler Beach

This beach boasts 2.6km of golden sand and blue warm water, this is beaching at its best.

Old Quarter

Soak up the local culture whilst you stroll the winding streets that offer an abundance of restaurants, bars and cafes.

Lladro Museum

Visitors can discover the history of the world famous porcelain figurines from the artisans themselves.

Fallas Museum

Home to the ninots (a figurine of a falla) from the Fallas Festival that are saved from fire and placed into this museum.

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