Cruises to Xiamen


An urban gem located in southeast China, Xiàmén (also known as Amoy) is a beautiful city filled with seaside gardens, traditional architecture, and historic colonial homes. There is so much to do in this part of China - whether you fancy strolling around its public gardens, or relaxing by the hot springs at Xiàmén Riyuegu.


Nánpǔtuó Temple

Early sailors were amazed by the number of bird's nesting on this islet which is smaller than most city parks.

Xiàmén Riyuegu Hotspring Resort Communities

If all that walking has tired you out, then travel to these incredible hot spring resorts for some much-needed pampering and beautiful natural scenery.

Húlǐ Shān Fortress

A defensive outpost located in south Xiàmén, this historic fortress was established as a result of the Treaty of Nanking and features lots of hidden tunnels and fascinating soldiers barracks.

Gulangyu Island

Gulangyu Island can be easily reached by steamship and offers a lovely array of natural beauty, ancient relics, and delicious stop-offs to ensure the whole family is happy.

Xiàmén University

This might seem like an unusual choice, but Xiàmén University isn’t your normal campus. Expect miles of golden sand, captivating public art, and some truly memorable architecture.

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