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Canary Islands Cruises

Northwest of the coast of Africa, the Canary Islands are a slice of Spanish-owned paradise. Fancy a piece for yourself? You’re in the right place. We’ve got a thing for whisking travellers away to do a bit of island-hopping of their own. And the best bit: thanks to our unbelievable deals and price guarantees, you can do it for less.

Why’s that? Let’s just say we’re friendly with some of the world’s biggest cruise lines. That means we’re able to bring you packages you won’t find anywhere else.

Take our Smart Packages. By tailoring your travels, we’ll have you exploring the Canary Islands’ sandy beaches, kitsch villages and glorious vineyards your way, with free hotel stays, your choice of flights, and a few lovely little extras like cabin upgrades and onboard spend thrown in at no extra cost too.

Ready to get the travel bug going? Take a peek below and see what’s waiting for you in the Canary Islands...

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What’s the weather like in the Canary Islands?

We know what you want from your Canary Island Cruise holiday, and that’s sun, sun and more sun. Here’s a little not-so-secret: The Canary Islands are a true gem in the crown of Spanish destinations, and it's no wonder why! The islands are blessed with a fantastic year-round climate that's perfect for soaking up the sun and enjoying the stunning scenery.

The temperature on these islands remains comfortable throughout the year, with mild winters and warm summers, so you can visit anytime without worrying about extreme weather. From January to December, the sun shines bright and the blue skies offer a picturesque backdrop for your cruise adventure. The ocean breeze keeps you cool on hotter days, and the stunning sunsets are a sight to behold.

Whether you're looking for a relaxing cruise break, an adventure-packed cruise holiday, or just a chance to enjoy some natural beauty, the Canary Islands offer it all, and the superb weather is the cherry on top. So why not book your next cruise to the Canary Islands with Cruise Nation and save yourself a packet in the process and enjoy the year-round sunshine and gorgeous weather for yourself?



By teaming up with some of the world’s top cruise lines, we’ve a whole host of Canary Island cruises waiting for you to set sail on board.

If heading to a hidden gem is your thing, MSC can see to that. Or maybe some star treatment with your holiday is what you’re after? Let Celebrity Cruises give you a taste of the good life while you’re here. Or why not see the Canaries Italian-style with Costa?  

Whoever you sail with, our incredible cruise deals mean you’ll always get the best for less. With some of the best deals on the seas, finding something to suit your budget is as easy as slapping on the sun cream.

With a choice of different travel options, we’ve gone above and beyond to make sure you reach your destination your way too. If flying’s not your cup of tea, then why not jump on a cruise from Southampton? No queues, delays or baggage restrictions to be found here!

And since they’re so nice we’re mentioning them twice. Our Smart Packages offer the holiday of a lifetime for a fraction of the price. Tailored your way, these handy deals let you fly from your choice of airport and give you the chance to spend a few extra days abroad in a hotel. Plus with lovely little extras like free cabin upgrades and more money to spend onboard, they’re our way of giving you more for less.

Canary Island Highlights

Gran Canaria

It may take third place in terms of size, but almost half the population of the Canary Islands call Gran Canaria their home. It’s also a hugely popular port, seeing more than its fair share of holidaymakers flocking to the place (see what we did there?).

Dubbed the “continent in miniature”, things change quick in Gran Canaria, whether it’s the weather, the landscape, or the people. And that means there’s never a dull moment here. You might find lush foliage in the north, but do a 180, and you’ll see that the south is full of sandy, otherworldly dunes. And for the fun lovers, its lively resort towns keep the party going and going. Plus with plenty of activities, including watersports, diving, biking and sand- boarding, the adrenaline rarely lets up – until you head to Playa de las Canteras, the 3km beach that many a sunbather has called one of the world’s best city beaches.


A long-time favourite of the package-holiday crowd, there’s a lot more to Lanzarote than sunburns and crowded beaches. In fact, it’s had a bit of a glow up lately, with plenty of trendy bars and eco-villages popping up, along with a dose of culture that just might surprise you.

Known as the Island of Volcanoes, Lanzarote actually has 200 of the formations, but thankfully, only one of them is active. And we’d recommend checking it out. Found at the Timanfaya National Park, its Timanfaya volcano is a massive tourist attraction, letting the brave weave through tiny craters and lava tubes – you can even explore its terrain atop a camel! And if you’ve ever fancied volcano-roasted food, now’s your chance!

For a more traditional look at the island, be sure to swing by one of the many small fishing villages that still dot the shoreline - and don't leave without trying some of the deliciously, freshly caught seafood either.


Another Brit favourite, Tenerife shows no sign of slowing down as a region for revellers of all stripes to let their hair down: six million visitors make way for the Canaries’ largest island every year! If it’s sun, sea, sand and 24/7 entertainment you’ve come for, Tenerife will treat you right.

But for those looking for an escape from the crowds, the island still has plenty of off-the-tourist-trail spots and quieter resorts instore. Nestled amongst ancient towns and charming villages, you’ll find museums and modern art galleries stashed away, while Pico del Teide – a cable car ride away – offers up some truly peak views.

Dreaming of lying on a pristine white beach? Tenerife also boasts some beautiful stretches of sand, with La Tejita being one of the most unspoilt on the island.


Boasting 3000 hours of sunshine a year and a more relaxed, tranquil vibe compared to the company it keeps, Fuerteventura dials things down a notch or two. And for cruise-goers who love to keep it laid-back, that won’t be a problem at all – especially since the island has some of the Canaries’ biggest and best beaches.

And once you’re done being one with the waves, try making time for Fuerteventura’s incredible landscapes. Untouched by developers, here you’ll find white sand beaches and volcanic peaks galore. Scale the latter and you’ll see sweeping views of the calderas, an almighty hike that’s worth rewarding yourself with a taste of Majorero, the region’s famous local cheese, afterwards. 

Canary Islands ports

How’s this for a highlight reel? Check out where you could be cruising to in the Canary Islands very, very soon…

Canary Islands Cruises FAQs

What is the weather like in the Canary Islands during the winter?

The Islands’ subtropical climate means you’ll be in for a pleasant winter here. It’s mild and sunny, though you’ll still get a little rainfall here and there. If you’re looking to escape the drab British weather from November to February, you might want to go at another time, though its wintry walks and hikes still make for some incredible highlights.

What is the weather like in the Canary Islands during the spring?

There’s a reason for the Islands’ “eternal spring” nickname, it’s the season where the Islands really start to shine. As March shakes off the last of the winter, April and May bring the start of the peak weather with them. Expect rising temperatures, plenty of sun and what many call the Island’s best climate.

What is the weather like in the Canary Islands during the summer?

Unsurprisingly, the Canary Islands’ summers are sun-kissed and sweltering. June dries up the islands with practically zero rainfall, while August heats them up to their hottest. So if you can stand the heat, by all means make this the time to break the beach towel out.

What is the weather like in the Canary Islands during the autumn?

The sun doesn’t go into hiding during the autumn in the Canaries, so you’ll still be experiencing peak weather. In fact, September and October are generally considered the best months of the year to travel here, so sunbathing will still very much be on the agenda.

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